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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Master's views on the DGS Revalidation course . . .

Dear Veeresh,
I did my revalidation for master’s COC at ___________ last 4 times .
The first time I told the Directors- that Capt ____________must be put out to pasture. This ignoramus was so full of ego that he tried to treat us like kindergarten kids.
One of the ship’s business lecturers was Capt ________— old ex-_______ – maybe ??? years old. A good guy BUT totally out of touch with modern day REALITY.

Last 2 times I met the Director ____________ personally and told him not to make this course a FARCE — that __________ must go. I am sure he is still there.
Training is being done on sentiments-- Wish I could run my unforgiving and merciless _______________ carrier tanker on sentiments.
This ego thing-- when you have an international conference of brain surgeons – there is maturity and mutual respect. When we have maritime seminars , just see the way the shore guys act as if they are gold medallists, who scored 100% marks— while the seafarers are the moronic bunch who scored zero percent—and hence banished to sea as divine punishment!!


  1. Dear Veeresh,

    The comment above relates to the quality of faculty and not the requirement of the course per se. Like the gentleman above, I too have been doing this revalidation course quinquennially since 1992 though at various institutes. I have just completed the course for the fifth time. With one exception, the faculty were knowledgeable and polite. However, they were constrained by the bilge they were required to spout based on the syllabus prescribed by the DG Shipping.

    To start with, there is NO requirement for any revalidation course for a sailing Master i.e. one who has 12 months service in the preceding 5 years. The requirement of the course is a fraud perpetrated by DGS to keep training institutes in business.

    Having instituted this fraud, the DG has made no attempt to have a course which covers changes in marine technology, practices or legislation which may have taken place during the previous 5 years. What purpose does it serve to spend a couple of hours going over the MS Act provisions on registration of Indian ships. Nothing has changed since 1958. A brief discussion on amendments in the last few years would be more appropriate. (To add insult to injury, Registration of a Ship is not a job requirement of a sailing master.

    Having suffered for two weeks on this never ending course and having to shell out a bomb - course fees + accommodation & living - the nightmare of getting the revalidation starts. DGS touts his e-governance but in practice, nothing stimulates a bureaucrat than reams of paper, the more the better. One would expect that in order to satisfy the authorities that one is eligible and has met the prescribed documents, the following documents would suffice.

    a) An existing CoC.
    b) Proof of 12 months sea service (company letters).
    c) Proof of having done the prescribed course.
    d) Medical certificate.
    e) GMDSS endorsement.

    But NO. DGS wants copies (in duplicate) of every course that one has done. never mind that these have been produced (and copies submitted) when the original CoC was issued and for every previous revalidation. As if that is not enough, every copy has to be attested by a gazetted officer. (Self attestation as accepted by the Passport Office for issue of a passport is inadequate). Now how many applicants have access to gazetted officers? Considering that all the surveyors in DG/MMD are gazetted officers, will they perform a public service and attest documents submitted by individuals. Some MMDs, I understand, accept attestation by Notaries Public. Just adds to the costs as these individuals charge anything from Rs 10/- per page to rs 100/- without bothering to see the originals.

    If you have any influence in the corridors of power, please try and get these Laat Sahibs to apply their minds and devise a system which is user friendly and not designed to generate unnecessary work for their babus.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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  3. Hello, all,

    Season's greetings,

    I am looking for re validating my master's COC to STCW 2010 standard. Unable to find any Institute offering these upgrading / refresher courses as per that requirement in Mumbai. If anyone has any recent information would be grateful.
    It is very unfortunate the way seafarers are treated in this country. I am working as a Mooring master and my experience is not accepted for re validating GMDSS certificate. I had to sit through the full course and also take the exam. With that provisional certificate I have to apply for renewal of my original GOC (issued 1998) to MOC, New Delhi. If and when I receive that renewed licence then I apply to DGS for endorsement, then I should start worrying about my Master's COC.
    The question is - Which way are we inferior to any other National seafarer? No other Country insists on so many formalities to be completed for a simple re validation of the professional certificate.
    DGS may do a rethink on these requirements. Over burdening the professional will only make him run away from the system. Already many have opted for UK / Australian / Singapore licences as opposed to Indian licence. Unless ofcourse that was the original scheme of things. In which case we should salute the policy makers. Jai Hind.