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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fatigue at sea with seafarers - a film you must watch

Not just watch, but also comment, on their website as well as this blog. Finally somebody who gives some plain talk - why are seafarers subjected to such horrific conditions of work?

And please share too. We owe this to not just ourselves, but to the future generations.

1 comment:

  1. Great research by you too, Capt Malik in bringing out this video. India needs to produce many such documentaries to homogenise the truth as understood by various people. In your blog title description you say, "MLC 2010 will not improve things unless you, the seafarer, are heard." I have a feeling that the success or failures of laws, (the MLC 2010 in this case), is no more about the Communist/socialist-like claims of "mazdoor ki sunn'ni hi padegi". In the post WW Humanitarian and Democracy era, seafarers and other people will also have to learn to listen to each other so to find the unopposed Consensus truth and be commonly accepted by everybody. Such documentary cinema will help towards building such common knowledge base and thereof the common truths.
    Laws will act better, then, in alleviating the flaws and the problems, which too will be homogeneously perceived and commonly accepted by everybody.