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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Actual email received wrt piracy off Indian Coast

Here's an email from a friend onboard an Indian flag ship sailing India to Red Sea, left East Coast, stuck close to the west Coast but then struck out towards the Gulf of Aden . . .


dear veeresh,

left indian shores on 2/03.

managed to thwart piracy attack on us on 3/03  evenning abt 260 miles off goa.
had two crafts one  on port bow sailing parrallel to us other approaching from
stbd side managed to ivade by altering to port n increasing cpa to more than 2
miles. more than ten guys on deck of the boat.

tdy morning joinrd  naval convoy in gulf of aden. proud to be in cnvoy led by 
ins talwar.

convoy is from entrance of gulf of aden to 100 miles short of babel mandap.


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