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Monday, 7 March 2011

The best article so far on the piracy situation in the Indian Ocean

Long read.

About the best I've read on the subject. This is not just Somalia or Puntland - this impacts the complete Indian Ocean now - and beyond. Read it!!

"Some seafarers have been beaten, some have suffered mock executions, and some—fortunately, not many—have been killed.Their plights, and that of their families anxiously awaiting news, are often overlooked when the consequences of piracy are examined.  Since the year 2003, pirates worldwide have kidnapped or taken hostage more than 4,000 seafarers.  Some seafarers who have been captured by pirates are so traumatised by their experience that they are unable to go back to sea after their release[54], while the possibility of a hijacking is one of the factors contributing to a general shortage of merchant sailors."

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