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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Captain Prem Kumar, TS Rajendra 1980-81, Master RAK AFRIKANA

Passed away in Delhi a few days ago due to accumulated effects of torture and stress caused in the course of a year under piracy off Somalia. Brave man survived by his braver wife and children.

Full report follows, subject to sensitivities of the family to be cleared first from family, and close batchmates.

Whatever, he got his ship's complement back home, safe and sound.

Captain Prem Kumar, aapko, topi uttaar. Up over there, my guru, Captain Ramdas K. Menon, who had immense faith in you and told me so, must be proud though sad, too.

How much more will we tolerate from an insensitive, corrupt and thoroughly compromised administration, which will not think twice about playing with lives also?

Today - all of us know atleast 2-3 people who will not go back to sea. Do we know what this means??

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