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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Flag of Convenience offices in India do not have diplomatic immunity . . .

It appears that the so-called self-acquired "diplomatic immunity" assumed by many of these Flag of Convenience/Open register companies and their offices issuing certificates, collecting payments and doing other documentation in India is being questioned rigorously by the authorities in Delhi.

That many of the people who in the past or present represent or consult with or even have stakes in these foreign FOC offices happen to be ex-seafarers who have spent time at various levels in the regulatory and other Government bodies is not escaping this investigation, too, seems they have even gone into the close relatives aspect too.

It starts with Panama, is what I am told, including their business of issuing equivalent certification of all sorts on a price-list.

Some effect of this passing of the buck on the piracy issue, I guess, will cause this corrupt core to crumble from within. I believe two close relatives have already "resigned" and one is going back to writing books, in a nutshell?

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  1. instead of writing why dont you do a yeomen service for indian seafarers and highlight the money sucking DG shipping orgANISATION ASK SOME RETIRED SEA FARERS TO POINT ACCUSE DIRECTLY THE CORRUPT WHO DEMANDED MONEY FOR ORALS