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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Additional updates on the RAK CARRIER (IMO 8106745)

Lloyds's Class IMO No. 8106745, vessel's previous name SUNNY CARRIER

""Class Withdrawn Owners Request 10th November 2010. TRANSFER OF CLASS OUT TO PANAMA MARITIME SERVICES.""


Rumanian P&I Club, no response, no local rep in Mumbai.


From a television interview, the Romanian Chief Officer claimed that the ship had arrived "off Mumbai" as early as the 12th or 16th of July, and then hung around there, took bunkers and stores, and was awaiting submersible pumps. Master did not apprise port or cargo receivers of the situation, it appears.


A partial list of DGS circulars on the subject. Shall be interesting to know how the file for this ship moved at DGS - if it hasn't gone adrift or worse like the ship itself!!

(This notice only has vanished, it deals with the master regulations to be followed when anybody wants to charter any foreign flag vessel)
reference to above rules
(the less than 25 years circular . . . )
(master page for rules under shipping development . . . )

More article on the subject with some loadport juicy information coming soon . . .

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