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Friday, 12 November 2010

Piracy in Indonesian waters . . .

Here's an email from a batchmate, laconic, matter of fact. Identities, ship, company name protected and held back for obvious reasons.

""Hi Veeresh.Yes the vessel was attacked in Indonesian waters. Nothing serious. They just stole some cash and laptops from 4 crew members including myself. Where are you these days. I hope to meet you in the next get together. In case you come to . . .""

These are not just the salts of the seas, but the salts of the earth. Salute, batchmate buddy - and this was a huge tanker in ballast.

Piracy is an issue not just in the Gulf of Aden or Somalia, but in many other parts of the world, and India is increasingly not immune. A crude oil tanker was attacked just about 340 miles west of New Mangalore, with a mother ship suspected to be about 14 miles away. And as I write this, news comes in that the HANNIBAL II was hijacked from close to the Indian coast while en route Malaysia to Suez.

An Indian Master Mariner's account of being held on a hijacked ship can be found here:-

There is no dearth of reportage on the internet, but very few first person reports, and I look forward to seafarers sending me their views as well as accounts. Identities will be protected.

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