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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bob Couttie's Marine Accident Casebook online

So how often has your company called you for a seminar, conference or meeting, to discuss accidents at sea and how to prevent them? And how often do they turn into finger pointing sessions, with the main real issues never being resolved? And then, the findings on accidents at sea, after all those investigations, never see the light of day.

Compare this with aviation, where every accident report is not just publicly available, but increasingly available in print and other formats - in mess rooms, briefing rooms, magazines, everywhere.

Bob Couttie's resource on the internet, found here:-
tries to do exactly that.

Find time to go through it. Register for better access, free, and subscribe to his newsletter.

There was a day and age when Walport would not pick up Poseidon for viewing on ships. Matter of fact, in this day and age, it may be very relevant to show marine accidents and rescue films onboard.

And he has a very apt lifeboat survey up and running now, here:-

This one is for seafarers, and you are requested to take part, don't say you don't have a voice.

Thank you, Bob Couttie.

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