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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Curious shipping accidents, and photos therein

This is not morbid, but in a way amusing - you wonder how some of them got there?

And here's one of the most amazing ones I read about - the Second Mate thought the radar showed a huge big cloud, de-selected it around 0330, and then handed over watch to the Chief Officer at 4am.  Nobody looked at the other radar, nobody looked at the charts, both electronic and paper, and nobody apparently looked outside at the breakers too.

Clear visibility as far as you could see. And then this tanker simply climbed onboard the island. What sort of coffee were they serving on the SICHEM OSPREY, then?

(Thank you, Bob Couttie)

During the investigation, the Second Officer, who was the only passage planner on board since the others weren't competent apparently (????!!!!) did not know if it was a great circle course or a rhumbline, from Panama to Ulsan

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