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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ICEBERG 1 - a recap and a view from India

Of all the piracy cases off Somalia currently unresolved and going from bad to worse, none makes for sadder reading than the one involving the ICEBERG 1. Here is a file photograph of the ship along with the original first report on its hijacking in March 2010:-

But if you want to go into it chronologically, then the following questions need to be addressed and answered . . .

# What were the Indian Government documents that the Indian nationals onboard were sailing on, CDC, CoC? And if so, what were the departure Indian airport/seaport formalities like, are there any records with DGS?

# Who was the agent in India, were they linked to the "training" establishments, or what?

# What is the relationship between the owners and the cargo interests?

# Most of all, what happens to de-briefing of returned seafarers in the RAK AFRIKANA case, and is it in any way linked to the ICEBERG-1?

Questions, questions - and the bankers in question suspected of being the real backers - they appear to be the same.

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