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Monday, 18 April 2011

Trying to understand Somalian Law

To a large extent, it appears as though we can relate more to Somalian Law, than if we expect the Western World to do so. Here's a brilliant article on the subject:-

""Somali society, that is the clan-based system, relies on a combination of Islamic shari’a law and customary law, known as xeer. Xeer law is not the same as shari’a law, it is an oral system which has not been formally codified and is controlled by male clan elders, known as the xeer begti or isimadda. Xeer law is pre-Islamic in origin, and is not a version of shari’a law. According to Andre Le Sage the general principles of xeer law include:
1        collective payment of diya (or blood money, usually paid with camels and other livestock) for death, physical harm, theft, rape and defamation.
2        maintenance of inter-clan harmony.
3        family obligations.
4        resource-utilisation rules."


Read more on the idarat website . . .

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