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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Update on the RAK AFRIKANA

Of interest to Indian seafarers, since the ship is owned by Indian interests, and training onboard involved the Indian Government:- the RAK AFRIKANA, which was finally abandoned after she allegedly started sinking and the pirates left her in mid-March 2011, is apparently still very much afloat and drifting - last reported position 04-35N and 048-04E.

Meanwhile, there is talk that the whole thing is rapidly evolving into what appears to be a massive insurance scam, since also nobody knows really what cargo was onboard. Ras al Khaimah's position as a security threat is rapidly becoming clearer in the world, also, and there is rumour that the whole episode was an understanding between various parties.

The only sufferers were the seafarers onboard - who are being told to stay very very quiet about everything. If they talk, their compensation may suffer, their future may suffer, their sea-time assessment may suffer - and this is the real truth out there.

Where is the IMO on this? Maybe, they are in a meeting.

Nett nett:- no way seafarers can avoid sailing in piracy areas. However, ships need to have proper protection, which means safe citadels capable of withstanding atleast 7 days attack, and whatever more is possible. As well as reliable agreements for risk being taken back home.

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