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Thursday, 16 February 2012

fv St. ANTONY/mt ENRICA LEXIE, murder of Indian fishermen

What's with the Italians on the high seas lately, anyways? A spate of MSC disasters, the RENA in NZ, the COSTA CONCORDIA in Italy and now this, the ENRICA LEXIE starts taking potshots at Indian seafarers (fishermen) off the Indian coast, and then not just murders them, but leaves them to die on the high seas?

Are we THAT gone as a country? Can anybody even imagine what the fate of Indian seafarers would have been if something even a fraction of this had happened on the Italian coast?

Let the Italian seafarers meet the media, to start with, don't let them hide behind the protection of the local State Government - which in any case is acting like an apologist.

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