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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Italian soldiers surrender to Indian jawans . . .

There is nothing new in Italian armed mercenaries surrendering to Indian jawans.

Operation Crusader

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  1. Why No Action Is Being Taken Against The Captain Of The Ship????

    Reports indicate that after realizing their mistake that they had fired at a fishing boat, the ship had changed its direction from its declared port of destination to put as much distance between her and the Indian shore. The least that should have been expected is that they should have offered first aid to the injured fishermen. On the contrary the Ship has tried to flee. Why is the Captain not being charged for abetment and destruction of evidence? So far the Captain has not given any statement that the guards had opened fire on their own, which means he was fully aware and possibly had given the instructions to fire. The fishing boat was flying an Indian Flag, which means it was a small piece of Indian Territory inside India's exclusive economic zone, which they had attacked. If India has the right to protect its natural resources and marine life inside its exclusive economic zone under Indian laws, then India also has a right to protect its citizens inside the EEZ under Indian laws.

    If in India’s EEZ if animals, birds and marine life have rights under Indian laws are the Italians trying to tell us that Indian citizens are lower than all of these and have no rights under Indian laws in the EEZ.

    If according to the testimony of the ship’s crew that the fishing boat had ignored repeated light flashing as well as warning shots and had fired at the ship, if all eleven fishermen had been awake, then would they have shot dead all eleven of them?

  2. Good morning, I’m writing from Italy. I’ve not intentionally found this report and I guess you’re perhaps interested about the Italian version (who knows?).
    First of all, it seems that two different similar facts happened that day. The first concerning the Italian tanker “Enrica Lexia” between 4 and 5 pm local time, while the ship was located 32 miles from the coast (GPS records on board). The second one regards the greek ship “Olympic Flair” at 5 pm local time, located 2.5 miles from Kochi. This second event seems to be much more according with the Indian Police version and even how the facts shown. Even if Greek authorities deny this event, it has been confirmed by IMB (International Maritime Bureau). After that, the behavior of the Italian ship has been correct. Even if they had the possibility to get away (32 miles from the coast), they got the Indian port, just because they were sure that the shooting was only nearby the fishermen’ ship, only in the water, as a correct warning (by the way, why these fishermen arrived so close to the tanker?). Finally, I’m a soldier too, and just because I know, I do believe that is absolutely impossible that Italian soldiers have not exactly follow rules of engagement. Best regards

    1. Reading the first confused post at that point im scared thinking where the author took that version. Seem like all the indian media are spreading a false and tendentious news about the whole fact and turning international law in their own advantage.