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Monday, 10 October 2011

A request to all those with complaints against Owners, Agents, DGS-MMD or others.

The number of hits and views on this article are surprising me. I agree, the authorities have been their usual delightfully vague selves as usual, that is what the truth is so what else is new - and so many of you appear to have no other avenues to take your issues to. It is well known that matters are reaching a point of intense frustration with seafarers for a variety of reasons and there often seem to be no options/

Agreed, I shall help, to the best of my resources.

But in all fairness, anonymous and slanderous complaints will not be entertained. And violence is certainly not an option.

I would like to see signed hard copies of complaints, if any, and shall protect identities wherever required. This is the least one can do, because more than a few messages of complaint appear to be motivated, and also appear to be from competitors trying to give other management companies a bad name. How do I know this?

Well, it is quite evident by the pattern - there appear to be some set group or groups which are targetting other management companies, and so, not over my shoulder.

If you are an individual seafarerer, however, please feel free to write to me, and I shall take it from there, step by step, to my best abilities.

Thank you and humbly submitted.

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