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Saturday, 31 December 2011

What I would like MUI to do . . .

Here's a wishlist of what I would like MUI to do for Indian seafarers, can you suggest more, or amendments, improvements, whatever?

# Single articles of agreement for seafarers on Indian flag ships, with the MUI-INSA agreement setting the terms & conditions as well as salary minima, between shipowner and seafarer. (If the seafarer is being paid more than the MUI-INSA agreement, then mention it on the articles.)

# Revive the concept of employment on Indian flag vessels, keeping in mind the new Service tax and TDS regulations.

# Involve MUI in the revised RPS Rules from DGS and from there coordinate it to FOSMA/MASSA and INSA companies of the better variety.

# Restore dignity for all at DGS, MMD, Shipping Master along the lines of model RTOs and offices at airports - both for the people working there as well as the clients, seafarers and others who need to come there.

# Initiate a vessel feedback system from Indian Masters/Mates and Chief Engineers/Engineers of ships visiting Indian ports with some element of confidentiality assured.

# Tighten up the examination system, including video recording of orals and online "no delay" writtens without restrictions on how many seats per centre. (For example, NOIDA/Delhi has only 40 seats vs 100s of candidates)

# Bring Delhi online for engine side endorsements. (Currently Delhi/NOIDA is only deck)

# Cleaning up the whole GMDSS mess.

# Take feedback on and update the syllabus for CoC exams from college lecturers and candidates.

# Work towards courses to be on dual shift per day basis to reduce time at colleges for seafarers on leave.

# Lay down insurance covers and underwrite additional salaries at 3x levels for seafarers who have been kidnapped, hijacked, pirated, held in jail = single salary to family, and double salary head in escrow till end of episode, plus post episode trauma care and support, on a scale that rises with duration.

# Instal a system of ship / owner / RPS Agent / other feedback from MUI members and share this open domain.

# Work towards more sensible safe manning levels for Indian flag, foreign flag visiting India and foreign flag with Indians onboard. Teach seafarers how to make cogent work-time studies towards presentation skills for improving quality of life onboard.

# Bring MUI into direct interaction with Customs, Immigration, Health and other agencies which interact with Indian seafarers in India.

# Increase death and disability compensation to minimum 20 years or balance of life potential employment levels.


Appreciate more please?

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