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Monday, 15 November 2010

Alcohol at sea, drinking on board, and booze tales

One of the more interesting aspects of going job hunting for a berth as 2/o or C/o has to do with the way fleet personnel try to wiggle the truth on alcohol out of you. Mind you, most of them look like they can't last till noon without a few themselves, but then, they're not on the chart table or in the engine room anymore.

Here's a very interesting and realistic article, story, report on the realities of alcohol at sea.

I particularly like the part where the writer brings out a truth - more people at sea drink alone in their cabins now, instead of socially.

As for me, I did all I had to do as far as booze and nashaa were concerned when I was young. Now it is a glass of wine every week or so, or none at all.

But they still peer at me and drop leading questions!!

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