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Saturday, 13 November 2010

The power of the pen (keyboard . . .) at sea and ashore

Why do you think the name of your ship is written on the bow, and not simply hidden away somewhere inside voluminous documents and drawings, or replaced by an identification number like the registration number of your motor-car? Wouldn't it be simpler to replace everything by the full style and address of the corporate entity that owns/operates your ship, or the banks that hold the mortgage?
No, it wouldn't. Simply because your ship is known and acquires respect as well as a reputation by its name. So, as a matter of fact, do you and all of us.
Likewise, your views on anything in life. You can discuss them on the dining table, duty mess, smoke room or elsewhere. Or you can exchange SMS type messages, cryptic, short, hardly understood by many. Or if you really want them to be noticed - you can take the trouble of writing them down, eMail soft-copy as well as hard-copy printout, and send them out with your name appended at the end of whatever it is that you wanted to say, ask, declare, comment on.
The Power of the Pen. Certainly not as mighty as the waves relentlessly whipping aside as the bows slice through them. But certainly more powerful when you have the time to put your views across.
Write. Today. And if you feel you need a vehicle (or a vessel?) to help get your thoughts across, then this blog is the forum where you will realise the power that writing something with your name behind it wields. Or, in case you don't want to use your name, then trust me.
Go for it.

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